• What it is
  • Answering Time
  • Who can fill it
  • Number of Questions
  • How to
  • Use of responses

What is Quality Monitoring Tool?

The Quality Monitoring tool includes questions that a person can answer to let the public authority know how satisfied they are with their personal budget and the services they use.

How much time do I need to answer the questions ?

To be defined.

Who can fill it?

A person who receives a personal budget for more than 6 months.

How many questions do I have to answer?

There are 65 questions.

How can I answer the questions?

You can answer the questions alone or you can ask someone else to help you. There are people that know how to use the tool and you can ask them to help you.

How will you use my responses?

When you fill out the tool, your response will be saved in the system. You can also receive your responses in your email, or you can save it in your computer. Your responses will help us understand how satisfied you are with your personal budget. Your responses will not be shared with the public authority or the services that you are using.