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  • Who
  • Answering Time
  • Number of Questions
  • How to

What is Compliance Assurance Tool?

The Compliance Assurance Tool includes questions that staff working in public authorities responsible for Long Term Care and Support can answer to evaluate how they can improve their systems and move towards an effective system of Personal Budgets.

Who can fill it?

People working in the Long Term Care and Support system, particularly the public officials responsible for managing the system.

How much time do I need to answer the questions ?

To be defined.

How many questions do I have to answer?

The tool includes several questions under 5 different categories:

  • Filter Questions
  • Foundational Questions
  • Framework Questions
  • Innovation Questions
  • Planning Questions

How can I answer the questions?

People from the staff of the public authorities can answer the questions individually. Once all the relevant staff members have answered the questions, a summary of the results will be available to the public authority. Please note that the organisation will not be able to view individual results but only a summary/ the average of all the responses collected.